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We host a variety of SBID events every month across the UK and around the world. We have carefully selected the best trade shows in categories of interest and by attendance value from data collated from our members and the surveys we carry out twice a year.

We provide statistics of the interior design industry to the Bank of England Threadneedle Street and the House of Commons twice a year, along with a variety of individual sectors to obtain a birdseye view of the opportunities, value, barriers and growth the sector faces in the years ahead.

We do this at industry level to provide targeted solutions to potential problems before they develop and demonstrate barriers where they exist with the aim of creating change in the law where necessary.

For members in practice we provide opportunities at a personal and business level for publication, promotion, introduction and general industry insight. The ability to improve the personal and general profession of interior design across the whole design industry is the ultimate objective of the CPD (Continued Professional Development) Accreditation Authority.

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