What is CPD?

CPD is a method of increasing your knowledge, understanding and experience of a trade or profession in a specific subject area or role.

It provides knowledge which gives you confidence and protects you from accusations of incompetence, it is the reason that most professions require some kind of CPD to be undertaken by members of professional bodies.

As a member of SBID you’re not a member of a club. It is an external sign of the standard of education and ethics that our members have attained.

The SBID Code of Ethics ensures that we accept the best practitioners, who perform ethically, professionally and knowledgeably as interior designers or architects in the UK and around the world. We also represent industry manufacturers who meet the SBID five=point entry system. SBID is represented in over 43 countries and has an active global network of industry leaders, followers and stakeholders, from small-to-medium enterprises to global corporates, all of whom are obliged to meet and raise the standard of interior design practice through the advice they sell to their clients.

It is our role to ensure that once a graduate from a SBID-recognised university leaves full-time education, their industry-broad knowledge continues to develop through awareness of new industry developments in each trading year. Our long-term trading professionals are kept up to date with changes to their legal obligations that may impact on their professional decisions and the advice they offer.

View our directory of SBID accredited CPD courses.